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01 January 2015 @ 05:36 pm
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FIC: tell me something true. a blair/dan drive me crazy au. 14k.
RECAP: gossip girl acapulco 1x06.
CHATTING: penny dreadful fangirling.

* Also another reminder for anyone who even still goes on my lj that the Summertime Fic Exchange fics are now due Wednesday, September 16 @ 12AM.

Sooooo hey! I wanted to do my monthy recap post before summer turned to autumn because I don't like to let them lag longer than three months (my interpretation of the word "monthly" is, as you can tell, very loose) but man, I am disappointed by my piss-poor output. Part of it is that the summer is always a hard time to be productive in any way shape or form but especially fandom-wise – for me, at least. Part of it is that I was in a kind of lowkey crappy place for a while. Part of it is that I started a new job (yay!). And part of it is that, admittedly, my dedication to fandom is lessening with time (anti-yay :( ).

But I am working on a couple of things, and I will start to update more in the coming weeks, as I am able. I can't believe I couldn't even get out another GGA recap, lol, but I'm not sure how many people are even reading them, you know? That said, I do have my first draft of the next one written and I'mma try to learn to make some gifs, we'll see how that goes.

As for fic, my exchange fic is going pretty well though it keeps getting longer and longer lololol. I started another Dan/Carter fic, I am eternally aware of the age of dissonance, and I'm working on a fic for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. because as anyone who follows me on tumblr knows, I am disproportionately into that movie (Napoleon/Gaby, for anyone interested).

I've also been thinking of doing a sort of off the cuff meta-ish post about trends I've been noticing in fic lately, we'll see if it consolodates into anything.

This is a very boring and longwinded update that basically amounts to: sorry, I am lame & will try 2 improve. 
18 August 2015 @ 06:17 pm
The deadline has been moved back until Wednesday, September 16 @ 12:00AM.

I hope if you needed the extra time (cough cough ME) then this is helpful to you; if you were already on schedule, then you are a better man than I and I salute you.
I haven't done a TV post in a while, which is unfortunate because I feel like it's been a particularly good year for TV. Or maybe just a particularly good year for me and TV; I feel like I've been watching and enjoying so many more shows than I did in recent years past.

As of right now, I am desperately obsessed with Penny Dreadful. Desperately obsessed. I have honestly not felt like this about a show in a long time; FX's You're the Worst probably came the closest to rustling up such intensity of feeling in me. And of course excluding longer-running now-defunct stuff like Mad Men. I am just so satisfied with Penny Dreadful; it is like everything 13-year-old goth me would have ever wanted in a show, except also attuned to 25-year-old me's non-asshole tastes. What do I even do until season three.

I don't know if anyone on my flist watches it so I'mma try to keep this post a mix of spoilery and spoiler-free; let's just all dive in together.

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27 July 2015 @ 12:46 pm

Just here to remind you to write your fic already! Jk someone remind me to write my fic already.

The summer is very nearly half over, which means you should be thinking about your summer exchange fics! This is just a little reminder, lest you forget. If you have to drop out, now would be the time, though you should not, because I would cry and shake my fist at the heavens.

Assignments are due by August 30th, so I’ll see you then!

++ Also p.s. stainofmylove is hosting a ficathon which tragically I missed the start of but here it is ppl should go be active on this website.
01 July 2015 @ 09:45 pm
heeeeeeeeey so anyone know where a girl could get some penny dreadful icons? am in desperate need of vanessa ives icon 2 use on this graveyard site & have lost all icon-making skills (never really had them to begin with tbqh)
tell me something true
dan/blair. jenny, vanessa, iz, penelope, nate.
s1 au. 14k words. Selfie/Drive Me Crazy-inspired.

I have grown accustomed to your faceCollapse )
tell me something true
dan/blair. jenny, vanessa, iz, penelope, nate.
s1 au. 14k words. Selfie/Drive Me Crazy-inspired.

summary: It was simple, really: Blair would take Dan from pariah to belle of the ball (she'd done much more with much less in the past), and he would make her…socially pleasant to be around and more considerate of others.

note: for lookinglassgirl! your prompt was too too too good, I was so excited to write it. I only hope I did it justice! please accept this belated Christmas gift as a belated birthday gift (so belated omg I'm the worst)! this fic is 50% selfie, 50% drive me crazy, 100% idiots.

Dan is either really good at acting, or he"s awful at it.Collapse )
needle in the hay. dan/serena. tw incest.
the best you ever had. dan/carter.
crash and burn girl. dan/blair. tw abortion.

1x03: barbie's sleepover and daniel/sofia's beach date
1x04: photoshoot for eleanor's clothing line
1x05: masked ball and max/barbie sex

brooklyn baby. gg; jenny x agnes.
cold irons bound. marvel; natasha.

M I S C.
five things meme: female characters, unconventional crushes, obscure gay ships, joan holloway scenes