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19 August 2014 @ 02:42 pm
The other day I happened to think about that five things meme I did one time and so I went to go look at the entries and saw that, even though it took me like a year to fulfill all the prompts, I had asked for them in the first place in 2012. TWENTY TWELVE. That is like one million years ago!! And I cringe a lot at the answers I had for those things because I am 100% a different human and I just kind of want a redo. An updated kinda thing. I have so many different interests! Different opinions!

Also I'm running out of stuff to post on tumblr, so.  And since lj is dead and I get like a fraction of the response I used to get to stuff, I will probably be able to finish any prompts I receive in a timely manner.


* and lack of fic lately is because i am working on one specific thing that got longer than i planned and no, it is not an update to any WIPs and it is also not anything any of you asked for. YOU'RE WELCOME.
01 August 2014 @ 05:50 pm
there was no sacred place
lestat/louis. 1617 words.
set in the 1980s, before lestat's big concert.

summary: It's in the moment between wishing and knowing that Lestat realizes the approaching figure is Louis.

pls don't sue me anne riceCollapse )
F I C   +   I C O N S

professional disaster human. marvel. clint barton + others.
kill your darlings, kill them dead. marvel. peggy/natasha. vampire slayer au.
judy is a punk. the royal tenenbaums. margot tenenbaum + others.
untitled. gossip girl. dan/blair. 1920s au.
lonely hearts and other stories. gossip girl. dan/blair.

icons. dollhouse, gossip girl, the hunger games, winona ryder, musicians. 125.

incest, gender, and other fun stuff in 'the vampire lestat'
trash books, girl rage, and v.c. andrews
can we talk about armand
the ask me anything meme tag
lonely hearts and other stories
dan/blair. under 1k. linearly weird.

summary: One day he didn't love Blair, and then one day he did; it's as easy as that, sometimes.

first of all, love is a joint experience between two persons — but the fact that it is a joint experience does not mean that it is a similar experience to the two people involvedCollapse )
29 July 2014 @ 10:24 pm
dan and blair. 1920s au. 1k.

summary: The debutantes come in one after another in floaty white gowns with their pristine smiles like handmade dolls, virginal down to their slippers.

she was not more than eighteen—a dark little beauty with the fine crystal gloss over her that, in brunettes, takes the place of a blond’s bright glowCollapse )
28 July 2014 @ 10:14 pm


What is this?
A ficathon! This is open to all fandoms, characters, pairings, genres – whatever your heart desires. AUs, crossovers, RPF, weird stuff, not weird stuff, anything! The only thing that makes it different from literally any other comment ficathon is that thing time around, purely for the sake of variety, we are shunning the use of song lyrics as prompts.

How do I prompt/fill?
Only one prompt per comment please. But as many comments as you want! When you fill something, post the fic to that comment and the fills thread. If your fic is too long, then post the link.

Prompts can be anything: a word, a poem, a gif, a bit of dialogue, a half-baked plot idea, a scenario. Be creative, my little darlings!

What else?
Pls do pimp to your f-list!! Any questions, ask below. :)

Feeeel freeee to make any, because clearly I was too lazy.

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28 July 2014 @ 03:43 pm
Due to unexpected business and life, we're extending the due date of the exchange to AUGUST 30 @ 12am. If you have already posted your story, or already finished, you are a beautiful angel and you should feel the superior glow of accomplishing a goal before everyone else. If you have not, then congrats, you can procrastinate a little while longer! Personally I am in the latter category.

If you have to default, please do it now to save my sanity. But please don't default. That would be sad. I, a stranger on the internet, would be disappointed in you personally.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to ask here. Or on tumblr, either at fromlittlececily or lessoleilscouchants.

27 July 2014 @ 05:57 pm
Handful of people on my flist who also have read Anne Rice – can we talk about Armand for a minute? Because I hate him, and also don't get him, and need to discuss this with other humans, lol. I'm at the point of The Vampire Lestat where we get Armand's backstory, which I had honestly forgotten in its entirety, and I have been having Thoughts since he reappeared in the book/my life and really I just have nowhere else to discuss these old-ass books nobody cares about anymore.

tw: rape, sexual abuse, pedophiliaCollapse )
last icon post for a while! i am not even good at making them anymore, guys, IF I EVER WAS TO START WITH. but yeah if you requested something, it's in here!

01 - 37 dollhouse
38 - 57 gossip girl
58 - 70 thg: catching fire (johanna)
71 - 87 winona ryder
88 - 108 musicians (sleigh bells, lou reed, bob dylan, lana del rey, natalia kills, etc.)
109 - 125 misc.


idk how i even made this manyCollapse )